Month: April 2022

Supporting the EdTech Community with By Design and By Default principles

Have you ever wondered what GDPR Compliance means for EdTech Vendors or for Schools?

Late last year I sent out a series of tweets referencing what schools and EdTech vendors need to do around The Children’s Code. Following on from the session at BETT this year from 5Rights and a separate session from ICO and Prof Dr Gers Graus, I thought it would be good to bring these back…
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"Safety on Death Star" by Kalexanderson is marked with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Looking at a ‘least access’ approach, from both a data protection and safeguarding point of view

It was so good to be back at BETT a few weeks ago, and there are a raft of really good reports, talks and narratives about what people found, were inspired by or even scared by. My regular tweets and retweets covered some of these, rather than to try to list as many as I…
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