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Supporting the EdTech Community with By Design and By Default principles

"Safety on Death Star" by Kalexanderson is marked with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Looking at a ‘least access’ approach, from both a data protection and safeguarding point of view

It was so good to be back at BETT a few weeks ago, and there are a raft of really good reports, talks and narratives about what people found, were inspired by or even scared by. My regular tweets and retweets covered some of these, rather than to try to list as many as I…
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My Data Protection World

The Problem With the EdTech Community is …

Well, there isn’t really a problem. Or rather the are so many little ones that to say there is a problem is like saying coastal erosion is a problem. And knowledge and understanding of this can save you so many headaches and worries. One thing that is consistent is that due to a lack of…
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