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"Safety on Death Star" by Kalexanderson is marked with CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Looking at a ‘least access’ approach, from both a data protection and safeguarding point of view

It was so good to be back at BETT a few weeks ago, and there are a raft of really good reports, talks and narratives about what people found, were inspired by or even scared by. My regular tweets and retweets covered some of these, rather than to try to list as many as I…
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2 CCTV cameras on adjacent walls

Recording of Online Lessons

I read, with interest, a discussion on LinkedIn about the recording of lessons being conducted via online teaching. This is not exactly a new discussion. There have been discussions about recording video-conferencing as far back as 2002 that I am aware of (Becta and Becta’s ICT Research Network), and I am sure that there has…
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My Data Protection World Logo and Company Name

Supporting School Business Tech

I had the pleasure of talking with Ryan Green on School Business Tech earlier a few days ago. The Youtube channel is hosting a range of interviews about how things are changing in the technology used behind runnings schools and the previous session from Graham Reed was so insightful and I hope that my session has…
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