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Geeking again

You know when you are a geek when you are listening to a podcast on your phone, you hear about a tool to allow you to post to your wordpress blog and so you have to go and try it.

Well I did and here it is. It means that I can draft some ideas during the day and then post them once I have things refined.

I am also looking at tools to do this to a sharepoint based blog I use too, but one step at a time.

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Why … twitterfeed of course. However, I am looking at making use of yahoo pipes so that the same twitterfeed announces any blog posts I make, whether it is from here, blogger, edugeek or

Still trying to sort out a decent publishing aggregator to allow me to pull my other blogs into this one (over this one into one of my others).

I fancy there being one definitive site holding all blog posts, categorised depending on where they come from. I can do this personally via google reader or Yahoo Pipes, but that is then a pain to allow others to syndicate to it.

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