When is a Geek not a Geek?

When he has spent his holiday as a painter and decorator.

Admittedly, this has given me time to catch up on some podcasts and this week I have mainly been listening to EdTechRoudUp (#etru is the hashtag on twitter now), Digital Planet, JISC Podcasts, The Art Of Service (good old ITIL), The IT Training Podcast, Whitelist – The BCS Security Podcsat, a few MS Technet podscats on the use of MS tools for increaing productivity … as revisiting the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast (Marc Gunn is a genius!)

I have considered doing my own podcast, but at the moment I am happy to listen, or pop my head into ETRU occasionally (finally made it a fortnight ago!) to give some of my views, experience or ideas.

I will be looking out for Sharepoint specific podcasts shortly, as well as a few eSafety podscats too. Any pointers appreciated.

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Ooh an eSafety one would be handy. This stuff scares the crap out of me. My school is stuck in the dark ages and has non of these things in place…

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