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ETRU VLE Special

Sunday saw an EdTech RoundUp special on VLEs, looking at what is out there, how they are used, particular solutions and how they are adopted, and a bit more of a look at EdModo.

It was a good session and I have just listened to the podcast to review certain aspects of it.

One of the things that has surprised me somewhat is that it was only when we started talking about MIS and how they fitted in that the point of Parental Engagement was raised.

For me, if you are planning or using a platform and you want to ensure students are using it, particularly for independent learning, you have to get parents on board too.

It has made me wonder a bit more about how we view the importance of parents when getting students switched on to learning through technology.

I am going to put it forward as a future point on ETRU as well as on the Becta forums, EduGeek and as a question ok the ICT Register.

I would be interested to hear what people have already done to engage with parents.

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