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No Google – day 1

So the first of the month also sees me starting my month of not using Google as my one-stop shop to find anything and everything. Some helpful suggestions about alternatives for specific tasks will come in handy, but today has been around setting my fixed parameters.

There are some things that I cannot avoid. I have a google mail account I pick up via IMAP on my iPhone so I can get away with that, but I have some subscribed Google Alerts that I will have to turn off, as well as a number of mailing lists / groups I subscribe to. Whilst may now just be full of spam I have to admit that UK open source is alive and well via schoolforge-UK.

And how do I classify YouTube? Google or non-Google? I am looking at it as Google right now unless I get sufficient links to it in other locations.

Google Docs still has a few docs I don’t have elsewhere, but I have moved most onto Evernote and perhaps to office live workspaces. IGoogle and the news reader will not be missed as use of Yahoo Pipes has helped form decent RSS feeds from multiple streams… And they are just subscribed to in Safari or FireFox.

I may have to add a few more things in but that seems to be all the parameters for now.


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