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No Google – Day 2

Yes … I used Google today. I admit it … but there was no choice … or so I thought.

Quite a few sites will now have a search facility powered by Google. Nicely indexed, linked in with other features and in a big search box which has “google” all over it. So now I am starting to make more use of site: in my queries in Bing and Yahoo but this relies on me knowing specific sites I want to search, but it does get round the need to use a site based, google powered search engine.

A bit of a pain to be honest … so another exception to my no-Google rule I have to consider is whether I use google-powered, site-based search engines. At the moment I won’t but we shall see how it goes …

So the list so far of things I may *have* to use Google for are:

Gmail. Access will be via a mail client and this should also deal with the next point.

Google-hosted mailing lists or groups I am subscribed to. Some of these are actually usenet groups actually so Hogwasher has been dragged out again and I forgot how much I liked it as a NewsReader for UseNet. I might even dig out my old archives of which has all those posts that have disappeared though the use of x-no-archive headers.

YouTube embedded videos. If they are on a site there is little I can do about this.

Google Docs. Finally got my last one copied into my Mesh Drive or pasted into Evernote so this should be fine now. I will move them to Office Live workspaces soon.

Google-powered site search engines. Some sites have other ones too (eg EduGeek has a forum search anyway) but I am making good use of Bing or Yahoo to do the same anyway.

Still looking for a way to change the search engine in Safari to something other than Google but getting there.

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