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No Google – day 14

So … nothing for the last week or so. No fantastic revelations about missing tools, no desperate struggle to find new ways of doing things. In fact, if Google dropped off the face of the Earth tomorrow it would take me less than a week to move on completely.

I honestly cannot find anything that I am desperate to use Google for anymore. It is not adding any significant time to my work, in fact it is shaving some time off as I am now exercising more judgement on where I look for things to start with. and Digg have started to become useful again, my favourites have been updated, and it actually fits in with an important way I work.

I do rely on my peers a lot, for their knowledge, advice and experiance. I will now ask more questions of them if I get stuck on something and it gives a heap of extra info that a Google search often will not give.

Only fortnight or so to go. It is all proving pretty easy.

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