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No Google – day 28

The month is nearly gone and I find I have less to report that I thought.

The initial concerns about how I would do stuff without resorting to a quick dip into Google quickly went. With some suitable suggestions from friends, colleagues and my PLN (mainly via Twitter) I soon had a raft of suitable replacements (full list to be published next moth) with a few interesting quirks as well.

So, the last 14 days have been pretty much plain sailing. Nothing to worry about, happily been to numerous different meetings and conferences where it has not been a problem.

And do you know something? I feel a bit let down. I thought it would be some constant battle to make sure that I didn’t dip into the dark side … a constant feeling of “it’ll be quicker if I just make a quick search on there … no one will know!”, but it hasn’t been. No stress, no worries, no selling my soul to an alternative to get what I need.

It makes me think more and more about why Google is so dominant in our schools then? Is it that everything is in one place? Not really, as many schools don’t have it as a search engine on their site and some actually have alternatives already hooked in (eg via IE7/8).

Does it have access into documents and essential school files? Not really … only a few schools have signed up for Google Apps (but it is growing and for those who are interested you should search for Google Teacher Academy UK) so it is not that.

Is it the link to images and videos? Actually … I really do think that is the answer. having somewhere that you can quickly pick up pictures is very handy and since most schools don’t really cover copyright with students then no-one tells students or staff it is a bad idea to use google to pick up your images to use on work or websites. If all schools stopped using google for images whould that make a difference? Quite probably.

I would be interested in other opinions on this idea …

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I think it may simply be down to an extension of the fact that Google is so dominant in the consumer space. “To Google” something is practically synonymous with “To search for” something online, and a significant number of people view Google as the portal to the Internet, in the same way that AOL subscribers were led to believe there no other way to get to a site a decade ago.

I’ve encountered many novice users who simply never type into a browser address bar; they type into the search box of whatever search engine is their home page, and that’s very often Google. To them, Google is the Internet, and that’s the attitude both teachers and students bring with them into the classroom.

So really, it becomes a question of how they became so dominant in the consumer space, and that’s an extensive subject to cover!

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