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From the depths…

After looking at a number of friends setting up auto-tweeting tools from their blogs, something I already do, I spotted that they are also digging out posts from their archives … sometimes it can be a little confusing as there is no indication that it is an old post, but it has been fun to revisit some of the posts anyway.

And so I am now looking at similar tools and finding that the best option is for me to choose a post, update it and ensure that the tweet has in it [blog archive], the short URL, the title of the post and the original date. Since I am going to be selective about the posts from the archive I don’t mind spending some time doing this … but will look for ways to automate it.

I also know that my blog and my tweets get viewed by a number of different audiences and different times of the day. Would it be too much to tweet it more than once? The best times for me are 9am, 1pm and 8.30pm … is three times too often? Only a small proportion of my followers will see it more than once.

I will also be using one of my other blog spaces to republished some archives too … this is so it is part of the #NorthantsBLT, #4Northants and #HETUP projects. These will go out via …

Also, if you find a post in my archives you think others would like reading then please let me know.

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