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New Kit? Stay safe!

“Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful

And since we’ve no place to go,

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow”

(Cahn and Styne, 1945)

And whilst we enjoy our yuletide celebrations, marvel at the wonderous new gadgetry which has appear from underneath that tree and giggle at all the silly photos we take of people with fake moustaches from crackers, children in costumes and cousins who are a little worse for wear … we pause for breath and think about the mountain of old gadgets that have been building up in the cupboard under the stairs, in the loft, etc … and thoughts go to flogging them off, passing them on to family and friends or donating them to worthy causes.

Today I am asking you to spare a thought about your personal life and personal tech … not about where you are posting the above mentioned pictures (you should be thinking about that already) but more about what you do with the old equipment.

When new computers, tablets, phones, etc arrive in your life it is often because the old ones have kicked the bucket or because of the demand for the latest gadgetry. When you are in school and equipment is disposed of there are WEEE, security and data protection considerations which need to be thought about. In the same way you don’t just throw out old bank statements at home, you should also consider what is happening with your old equipment.

Phones can be wiped and rest back to factory settings, old SIM cards get cut up the same your old credit card does, hard drives from computers should be wiped before passing on for sale or donation (it is you responsibility … if you pay someone else then you are taking a risk … manage it the risk, don’t just deal with it by passing it on without consideration) and those USB sticks and SD cards from cameras need securely wiping and/or destroying.

I’ve found a few interesting things this year by running very simple undelete software on devices and have had to have some difficult conversations with friends.

There are plenty of guides on the various manufacturers’ websites about how to wipe devices, or you can search for ideas … but make sure you protect you personal devices.

Just think about what sort of pictures are on your phones (which will often location tag them too so people know exactly where you have been with your children) and then think of people you know who work with vulnerable families … are they aware of this risk too?

Think of the emails and notes you have with your bank details or other personal information … identity fraud it a real and terrible issue.

Think of the work you may have done on your home device, saving sensitive data about children on it but you know that the device is safe in your home … except now it is sat at the household waste recycling centre about to be picked up by someone for a tenner!

I’m part way through my annual check of old kit, securely wiping hard drives, crushing USB sticks beyond repair and working out where to drop off my old kit (some of it *very* old now) so I’d be interested to hear the lengths that some of you go to when making sure you are disposing of old tech properly. Please note, the video below is not my suggestion, but I know that there are some fans around of “Will it blend?”