Privacy Notice

This blog site is run by Tony Sheppard, also known as Grumbledook.

The purpose of this site is to allow me to share information, ideas and opinions.

As part of that, I encourage people to visit this blog and even post comments.

This is a standard WordPress site and has some built in functionality around cookies, so there will be time when I collect data about you. I also have some adverts on the site, mainly as a test to see how it all works but some tracking may go on as a result.

As comments are enabled I will also collect information about your name, the IP address you post from (or appear to post from) and your email address. I have no control of any personal information you might choose to stick into a comment so I would advise you to be sensible and mindful that others may read this page or systems may scavenge the content of posts. I do not have a comments policy but will generally moderate any content that you post. If you want me to remove something you have posted, you just have to get in contact. However, anything you have posted may have been captured by other things on the internet so it never really goes away. I will do my bit but have no control over the rest of the internet. I am not that rich, nor do I have enough time.

Any notifications I get about comments being posted are kept unless asked to be removed. Notifications may be by email or by notifications on whichever app I am trying out.

I connect in with WordPress to help check stats, occasionally make use of Woopra and may possibly use Google Analytics. I do not notify when I turn these on or off, so expect them to always be on.

I try to keep an eye on anything that needs to be updated in this notice, but occasionally need a prod. If I have missed something, it is a lapse rather than intentional so please let me know.