#naace2009 meets Wordle

I got a DM (Direct Message) on twitter at the end of the week from @advisorymatters (Gareth Davies, the past chair of NAACE to those not submerged in the Twitterverse) with a link to a Wordle generated from all the tweets at that recent Strategic conference. Then it struck me that I just don’t make enough use of tag clouds, word clouds and so on. I have a few documents that I am working on at the moment that bring up interesting word clouds but try it yourself.

Oh well .. here is the wordle in question anyway.

NAACE Conference Tweet Wordle

Oh, and the other thing you can do if you are running office 2000-2003 is to add the bullfighter plug-in … it does some very interesting analysis of words used and language.

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Information overload, communication underload

I have a number of things to blog about at the moment after the NAACE conference 2009, but I am still aware I have a pile of notes from BETT to put up and some more sharepoint stuff too… too many conferences / shows, too much operational work and not enough time to sit down and think about what things mean and how things change because of them.

Oh well… for the moment I will just collect my thoughts from the last few days and see where we go from there. Perhaps a few more hours over the weekend to work a bit more on the generic ICT Vision Statement that Peter and I are putting together. NAACE 2009 definitely sparked off a number of things to put in there… but a number of things need to be taken out!

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The future of technology in education

It is that time of the year when a gathering of folk head off to the NAACE conference, so I am ok the train up to Blackpool as I type. I have a few interesting sessions booked including a look at Microsoft’s view of where technology is going, the growth of ICT under BSF and Change Management.

This does not include the keynotes and networking / BoF sessions (normally known as ‘the bar’).

Whilst NAACE is often thought of as full of consultants there are plenty of teachers in it too and getting their good practice out is essential. There are also techies in NAACE as well and there are those out there who have a lot of educational experience and knowledge to be pulled into the pot.

Do I think this conference will answer all things with where technology should go? No, but it is part of the dialogue at least.

Oh … I seem to have given the impression that I am going along to heckle a bit. Perhaps the better phrase would be ‘to ask appropriate and pertinent questions when it is obvious that blagging is taking place!’