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Isn’t EduBlogs brilliant?!

Yes … the EduBlog Awards are here again and once again it is wonderful to see Ray Fleming’s Microsoft UK Schools Blog has been nominated in the Best eLearning / Corporate Education Blog and I would heartily recommend a well deserved vote for him … but I would also say that all of the other blogs on there are well worth a look too, and go and explore the other categories too …

In fact … when you stumble across the Educational Tech Support Blog category you will spot the absolutely fantastic The Angry Technician’s blog (which I am honoured to syndicate) which truly deserves your votes too.

Go on … you know you want to go and have a look at the other blogs there too. There is something for everyone.

Best of luck to all nominees.


Syndicating Blogs

There are times when you just come across blog posts that you wish you had written or that you want to get to a wider audience.

After a brief chat with one blogger I have come to admire he has agreed to allow me to syndicate his blog on mine.

Using the auto-blog plugin for wordpress has made this pretty simple too, so I get to geek a bit at the same time.

So … With no further ado … Ladies and gentlethings of the interweb I present you with The Angry Technician.