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Supporting you to support schools

Have you ever wondered what GDPR Compliance means for EdTech Vendors or for Schools?

I wrote this piece a while ago as a way of pulling together some of the guidance and ideas I have previously shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) and never got round to publishing it. I can’t think why but I have been working on some simpler guidance for EdTech vendors to help them understand their roles when working with and on behalf of schools.

My Data Protection World


When I get asked what the single largest issue is with helping schools on their data protection and privacy journeys, I try to stop laughing and explain that you cannot focus on one thing and treat it with a silver bullet. It is never┬ájust one thing. Neither is it a bunch of things on their…
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My Data Protection World

It always seems strange, writing that first article or post on a new site. This is no different.Over the coming months, I will be introducing you to a wide range of information about how EdTech, schools and families are heavily intertwined. I look forward to sharing with you all.