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I am not the only Tony Sheppard in the world, and I am not the only person using the nickname GrumbleDook as part of my online identity. This has creation confusion occasionally.

This is a list of domains, websites, online tools, online identities and systems where you will find me. It is not a complete list (yet) but hopefully it covers a number of areas. If you find a GrumbleDook online and you are not sure if it is me then just ask. I will not be providing links for my presence on Facebook, Friends Reunited, mySpace or Bebo.


http://GrumbleDook.com is now being squatted on by someone saying it is a premium domain and worth a few thousand dollars. Go fish, mate … you price it just below the fee for arbitration on squatted domains … and that is despicable! It would be of no use to anyone else so happy to let you rot with it and pick it up when your company dies a slow death!


@GrumbleDook on Twitter

Grumbledook on EduGeek

Grumbledook on CertForums

Grumbledook on Open Source Schools

Grumbledook on Google / Google+ / Grumbledook on Google / Google+

Grumbledook on YouTube

Grumbledook on Newsle

Grumbledook on Skype

Grumbledook on Paper.li

Grumbledook on Flickr

Grumbledook on SlideShare

Grumbledook on UStream.tv

Grumbledook on TwitPic

Grumbledook on SpiceWorks

Grumbledook on Vimeo

Grumbledook on LinkedIn

Grumbledook on Del.icio.us

Grumbledook / Tony Sheppard on Acedemia.edu

Grumbledook on Scoop.it



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